About Us

ArgoVPN is a free VPN that has premium features similar to those that can be found in commercial VPNs. ArgoVPN helps users around the world, in particular users in Iran, to bypass internet censorship and have free access to the internet.

ArgoVPN is a product of Filtershekanha.com, a prominent online service that provides secure solutions to Iranian users to bypass internet censorship in Iran. Filtershekanha has developed two popular apps - TeleDR and ElectornProxy - that have been helping Iranian citizens to bypass the filtering of Telegram and Twitter.

Our team believes in online freedom of speech and will help Iranian citizens to achieve this goal.

If you have any questions and suggestions you can contact us using [email protected] email address or on Twitter via @Filtershekanha , @ArgoVPN


A Safe, Free and Unlimited VPN for circumvention Internet censorship in Iran, with unique and secure features