ArgoVPN Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

ArgoVPN Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

This text is intended to describe the terms of use and the details of the privacy policy and user rights of ArgoVPN and its website. It is important to know how your security and privacy are defined, secured and protected when using ArgoVPN. The use of the ArgoVPN website and the app will require careful reading of and agreement with these terms.


In this text, "Our" and "we" refers to the developer group of ArgoVPN, which is one of the subdivisions of the Filtershekanha team. "Users" and "you/your" refers to the visitors to the ArgoVPN website (at, and the users of the ArgoVPN app.

Ethical and Technical Statute

The development team of ArgoVPN and Filtershekanha are committed to protecting the privacy and security of users, and are guided by this principle. In this regard, we do not collect and analyze sensitive user information, such as device specifications, geographic location details, or the amount of traffic consumed by each user, and we believe that this information is part of the user’s private data. In addition, we use advanced and modern encryption standards for communication protocols to provide better security for users when using ArgoVPN, and keeping the app updated is part of our ongoing maintenance plan.

Maintenance and Continuity of Use

As ArgoVPN is a tool to combat internet censorship, parts of the app may be changed in the future depending on the conditions and needs of users. Any future changes to the terms of use and/or privacy will be available on this page. As a result, the continued use of our Services means that you agree to the latest version of the ArgoVPN Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use of the App

ArgoVPN is a non-commercial, free app and is unrestricted in terms of the amount of traffic that can be used by the user. It can be downloaded on your Android devices through Google Play.

You can install the ArgoVPN app on as many devices as you want, but you are not allowed to sell it or use it directly or indirectly for commercial purposes.

You are not allowed to connect to servers outside of the provided methods by ArgoVPN.

It is illegal to manipulate the program and rename it for personal, public, or commercial use and Filtershekanha reserves the right to pursue legal action in the event that we are made aware of any such misuse.

By installing and using ArgoVPN, you agree to be bound to use it solely for personal use (such as browsing, messaging and social media, etc.) and take no action to harm websites, infiltrate services, etc.

By using ArgoVPN, you acknowledge that you will not use it in any way that violates the terms of use of the app or the privacy of others.

Information and App Security

In ArgoVPN, for each user’s connection, we use a unique encryption key based on the AES-128-GCM and Chacha20-Poly1305 encryption algorithms. ArgoVPN has also implemented Forward Secrecy to secure encryption keys, Kill-Switch to protect the user’s IP, and DNS leak prevention. By using these features, ArgoVPN provides the best possible secure and safe VPN to users.

Your communications with our servers are secured by using the HSTS security protocol. This protocol protects the data exchanged when you visit the ArgoVPN website. Preloaded HSTS makes it possible for internet browsers to communicate with our servers only through the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

Data Collection

We do not collect or analyze the personal data of ArgoVPN website visitors or app users.

In Bridge mode of the ArgoVPN app, only the IP address of the bridge applicant, the address of the new communication bridge and the time of its request will be kept for 24 hours. This is to prevent common abuses and to prevent the blocking of all the bridges by Iranian officials. After 24 hours, this data will automatically be deleted.

At the time of using ArgoVPN, no user data, including device specifications, operating system information, bandwidth, communication time and usage time, will be collected by the app and sent to our servers.

Data on emails, which are sent by users to communicate with ArgoVPN's support, can only be viewed by the developer team and includes only the sender's email address and the text of the messages.

Location of Collected Information

The infrastructure of ArgoVPN’s website and the app are encrypted and stored on the servers of Amazon and Digital Ocean companies. As a result, no third-party entity has access to this data.

Information Sharing

We do not share any data related to ArgoVPN users with any individual, group, company or third party. We may use feedback from social networks to check and fix problems. We may also share new ideas to improve the functionality of the app with the Filtershekanha team.

Communication about Security Incidents

We are committed to providing users with the full details regarding the type of incident, its scope, and our approach to dealing with it as soon as possible in the event of a security breach or breach of information on our servers.

Security Review

ArgoVPN was reviewed by security experts from an independent group Cure53. Filtershekanha also plans to conduct periodic security checks to reassure users of the security of ArgoVPN.

Security Responsibility

ArgoVPN is a tool to bypass internet censorship using speed and security; it should not be used as a tool for anonymous online communication or browsing. Anonymity and wider security precautions in relation to the use of ArgoVPN are the responsibility of the user.

Please be aware that no VPN has the ability to completely anonymize your identity on the internet, and if you want all your online activities to be done completely anonymously and securely, you must use Tor browser.

We also strongly recommend that you download and install ArgoVPN only through Google Play. Filtershekanha is not responsible for any files called ArgoVPN or other published versions in other third-party stores.

Limited Liability and Disclaimer

All services provided by Filtershekanha and ArgoVPN are based on an online agreement with users that does not include warranties or written legal amendments; Therefore, all obligations related to its proper use are the responsibility of the users, and Filtershekanha does not take responsibility for any personal or commercial losses directly or indirectly.


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